NDMU Community Comments on Remote Learning

By Mylaika Stephenson Fear of COVID-19, family members who are high risk, and the ability to still work jobs outside of school were some of the most common reasons student elected to take their courses remote, according to several people in the NDMU community who responded to a questionnaire. Many students who I talked to... Continue Reading →

Mass Vaccination Site Established in Baltimore

By Ashanti Glover A new vaccination center opened in Baltimore. As of Friday, February 5, the Baltimore Convention Center’s Field Hospital began to administer COVID vaccinations. Although appointments are limited, this larger facility will help vaccinate more people. According to state data, 600,000 out of 900,000 available doses have been given. “These sites will promote... Continue Reading →

Pandemic Isolation Unites Students

By Bria Foster How are you feeling? Is everything okay? Are you doing well? Are you overwhelmed? These are just a few of the frequently asked questions I hear.   Virtual learning can be challenging when you are used to a strong sense of community like the one at NDMU. However, when adding the mental... Continue Reading →

COVID-19 Affects Working Students

By Liz Shin Four weeks into the COVID-19 quarantine that started spring break, students adapted to complete this semester. Some students also have a part-time or a full-time job. As COVID-19 spread in the United States, many became unemployed. As the unemployment rate for college graduates are at 2.0 percent this year. Non-essential workplaces shut... Continue Reading →

Celebrating a Birthday in Quarantine

By Nyjah Chaney Quarantining can’t stop a celebration. Many people are using the online application Zoom to celebrate together. Some have even stopped by and stood outside of their families' homes to show them love on their special day.  Carol Wills, a mother of three and a grandmother of six, recently celebrated her birthday. “Usually... Continue Reading →

Schools Close for Remainder of Year

By Kiyah Rogers Covid-19 is a deadly disease that ended the senior year of the class of 2020. Schools all around the globe have been closed down.  The opening of schools was initially set for April 27, but was pushed back to May 15 and eventually closed for the remaining school year due to an... Continue Reading →

Stress Less During Social Distancing

By Tynasia Southerland Have you been stressed out since schools transitioned online? Not being able to visit the nail and hair salon or get a good night’s sleep can make someone feel insane. Don’t worry - here are some tricks and tips that can be used at home to bring out your inner corona beauty.... Continue Reading →

Zooming to Normalcy for Students

By Liz Shin COVID-19 started spring break early for students. Following spring break, students shifted to an online format not returning to campus. Increasing COVID-19 cases in Maryland were the cause of the shift for NDMU students and faculty for safety precautions. To stay connected, many classes have been using a video chat platform, Zoom,... Continue Reading →

Scientists Work on Coronavirus Vaccine

By Chelsea Boyd As the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak rages on, one question still looms over everyone’s head: what if a vaccine is never made? At the moment, scientists are claiming a vaccine could be ready as soon as September. Sarah Gilbert, professor of vaccinology at Oxford University, told The Times she was “80 percent confident” that the vaccine being... Continue Reading →

Parkville Community Copes with Pandemic

By Nyjah Chaney Ecliff Wardlow, an OR Technician and member of the Parkville community, has been active in the community for a year in a half. Those that live in the area were no strangers and always willing to help. “I remember when the family suffered a big loss, the neighbors like to help out... Continue Reading →

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