An Inside Look at 100 Nights: Graduating seniors celebrate their 100 nights until Commencement

By Kara Sedlack

On February 23, 2017, Notre Dame of Maryland’s Class of 2017 celebrated “100 Nights” until their graduation. The event began with a cocktail hour at Noyes Alumnae House where faculty and staff joined the students. Bonding over wine, cheese and fruit, students reminisced over memories they’ve had together over the past four years.

A time capsule, which will be opened on the 25th anniversary of the Class of 2017, was incorporated to remember all these memories. Tables were set up with sheets of paper and pens for students to write notes and add to the time capsule. Other mementos placed inside were pictures, a movie ticket, a lokai bracelet and a practice medication bottle from the School of Nursing.

After the cocktail hour, students met together in Doyle Formal for an exciting dinner. Students were asked to wear white since the room was full of color to follow the theme of “Living in Technicolor.” Fine chatter, laughter and the clinking of forks filled the room as students shared their meal together. After dinner, the Class of 2017 Board members presented senior superlative awards, such as “Most Likely to Become President of the United States,” “Best Smile” and  “Most Likely to Do Something Crazy.” The Class of 2017 Board members also provided everyone with resources for transportation to enjoy a safe night of celebration downtown.

Students were asked about what they thought of 100 Nights, a tradition unique to Notre Dame. Jordan Walker, a nursing major said, “100 Nights was awesome. There’s nothing that I enjoy more than having fun with the girls I adore.” Meanwhile, Megan Wood, a religious studies major, said, “It was a fun way to celebrate how far we’ve come over these past four years as we look forward to our lives after Notre Dame.”

Deja Martin, a media production major and business minor, shares her thoughts about graduating in less than 100 days. “It feels surreal,” she explains. “It feels like just yesterday that I was moving into Doyle 222 as a freshman. It’s almost bittersweet to think that graduation is so close because I have met so many wonderful people and I’ll miss them.” Andrea Doten, a criminology major and sociology minor, is excited to graduate soon and start a new chapter in her life.

When the seniors were asked about what they will miss most about Notre Dame, Arrecka Bouknight, a philosophy major, said, “The way every person can relate to any other person on more than one level—how you can spark a conversation with anyone, even from a different major.” Ravin Chapin, a liberal arts major, also says she will miss all of the people she has met whether it’s professors, coworkers or friends. “I have grown so much since my first year here, everything has been a learning experience,” she explained. She also stated that the Notre Dame community is like a family, something that people can’t always easily find at other universities.

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