Experience Japan at NDMU

Japanese high school students visit Notre Dame

By Rhea Guzman


Are you in Japanese culture? Do you want to practice your Japanese skills with native speakers? Then you’re in luck! On Thursday, March 8, a group of 56 Japanese students from Kyoto Notre Dame High School will be coming to tour the campus. This provides a great opportunity for NDMU students to meet people from a different culture and maybe even practice their Japanese language skills.

Margo Cunniffe, the Director for International Education, says, “I encourage students to give a warm welcome to our visitors. This is an opportunity for the Japanese students to learn what it’s like being a student at NDMU.”

During their visit, the Japanese students will have an opportunity to have lunch at Doyle Dining Hall and rotate between multiple activities including visiting the bookstore and English Learning Institute (ELI). At the end of the day, they will play games in the gym before they depart for dinner.

This isn’t the first time Notre Dame has hosted Japanese students this semester. Last month, NDMU hosted another group of Japanese university students from the Kakehashi program, a bridging project between the United States and Japan. Bria Foster, a first-year modern foreign languages major, had the chance to watch their cultural presentations. “I learned a lot about Japan’s culture and their work ethic. It also made me interested in learning the language,” she says.

Similarly, Laine Soriano, a junior biology major, had the chance to interact with the Japanese students. She offers words of encouragement when it comes to talking with individuals from overseas: “You shouldn’t be afraid to socialize with people of different cultures because they can offer a distinct worldview.”


Even if you missed out on the event, you still have another chance to interact with high school exchange students from Japan this month! Don’t miss the chance to experience Japan at Notre Dame!

Photos by courtesy of NDMU Eli

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