Residents Vacate Campus

By Liz Shin

When the semester is over or students are graduating, residents move off campus. Due to the increase of COVID-19 death tolls in the United States, resident students had to move out earlier than expected, as the university took precautions to put all their staff, faculty and students’ health as a priority. 

“I was incredibly stressed,” senior business major Jessie Willinghan said as she received the news of having to move out. “We were given two hours to move out,” she said. Willinghan also had a friend to help her out with the process. 

“It was a very emotional time, especially being a senior and not knowing if I will ever be on campus again,” Willinghan said. The coronavirus made changes to the campus quicker than anyone has anticipated.

“Leaving campus meant I lost my job, home, and meal service,” Willinghan said. As many students were shuffling to return home and from spring break, Willinghan gave insight to other things that the school provided, but will no longer do so during quarantine. “Losing these resources and my income was terrifying, and removed the sense of security I had on campus,” she said.

It is unclear when the quarantine will end as scientists scramble to figure out when a vaccine will be made. With these added concerns, Willinghan expressed her feelings of being lost and the challenges of not being in the same environment the school provides. “The lack of daily structure has not been good for my time management skills,” Willinghan said.

Doyle Hall (left) and Melitia Hall (right) are the two residential buildings on campus. Now, majority of residential students have moved out since spring break.

Photo By Taylor Bynion

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