Earth Day “Plant It” Competition: Musings from the Battlefield

We operate under the name of the Petal Pushers. You may think it’s a joke, but make no mistake, this is no laughing matter. You see, we are a force to be reckoned with. Driven by ambition and passion, we had set out to conquer the most territory. It was never about the flowers. We couldn’t care any less about those pathetically vain plants. We only cared about one thing: domination. A quarter past 10, the sounds of our shovels, breaking the delicate surface of Earth, echoed into the distance. Thump, thump, thumping! By noon, a few of our representatives marched up to Julia and Jeannine. Numbers, we wanted to know about the numbers. Sitting just below 300, we realized we were far behind our rivals. As our morale slowly began to dissipate, our shoulders and faces fell. The sky, as if it were a magical entity, grayed. Then suddenly, a gentle voice could be heard. “Don’t give up, you can still beat them!” An abrupt surge of realization and adrenaline ran through our veins. We felt revived. We felt unstoppable. That’s right, we, we are relentless. And back to the field we went. In the end, we succeeded. The war was over. The look of disbelief and annoyance in our rivals’ faces were indeed priceless. The business department had nothing on us. We forged strong alliances. They had none. We gained the support of others. They gained nothing. For we perfected the art of war. So once again, we are the Petal Pushers.

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